Movies, relative happiness and a question about beauty…

I normally find it difficult to focus on a movie, my mind often wonders. So when I do manage to sit through a whole movie and get lost in the fantasy of it, I know it must be a good one!
Yesterday I watched Tom Ford’s: Nocturnal Animals. It is far from a feel good movie but it is a a thriller that had me gripped from start to finish!
I also found that I could relate to it in someway.
The main character (played by Amy Adams) has everything she could wish for but still finds herself lonely and unhappy. Although I am far from rich, I do have my dream job (I am a veterinary nurse) and I often feel guilty about feeling so down when there are other people who are worse off than me.
There is a line in the film that stuck with me,
“What right do I have to be unhappy?”, Susan asks a friend. “Well, it’s all relative”.
What do people think about that?

I often find myself becoming unhappy when looking at how happy other people are and thinking about how happy I used to be. Also, after a quick search on the internet, the highest suicide rates are in the ‘happiest countries’. But is there any way to start feeling happier if we are always comparing?
Lyrics from Relative by Gavin Degraw:
“You’re either underweight or you’re unfit
Overdressed or underzipped
Too social or you’re just too shy
Too depressed or you’re too high
As night to day and day to night
Rich and poor and black and white
All is relative
Everything’s relative
All is relative…”

Hannah xxx


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