Good days and self help for depression

When I first opened up to a colleague at work about my depression and anxiety, their response was:
“Are you sure you’re depressed? You’re supposed to be sad all the time when you’re depressed”
The response shocked me. I didn’t realise people actually thought that.

Depression isn’t feeling sad all the time, it’s many other things (which I won’t go into).
But I do have some good days or even just good moments.
Yesterday was a good day, I had my fourth CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) session and it has started to feel like I am finally getting somewhere, understanding a little more each session and knowing that I can do something about all the negative thoughts in my head has given me a boost. I still have a long way to go but I know that there is a way I can help myself.

I have also been doing more reading and self help online. Other blogs, books, listening to podcasts and apps.
When I was first diagnosed (approx 1 year ago), my GP told me about some of these but I was always too sceptical to even try.
I was so convinced that there was no way to get me out of this ocean of sadness that I was drowning in. 
But they really do help, I am not on the shore yet, but I am now staying afloat.

Here are a couple of resources I have found most useful (I will talk about more in later posts):
Headspace app: a meditation app. I have found this to be really helpful.
If you told me a year ago that meditation would help I wouldn’t have believed you but having that 10 minutes to just be at one with your mind, has a power I will probably never understand. : this website has The Self Help podcast and a very well written blog with lots of topics. It also has a ‘Mindfulness kit’ that you can download for free which has two books and some meditation MP3s. I read about this on someone else’s blog and I am so glad I chose to explore the website, with lots of help and advice about living in the present and not worrying about past or future.
Music: Music has helped me a lot, not even upbeat, happy music. Have you ever listened to a song and it’s almost like you wrote the lyrics? Even if it makes me cry at the time. Music that I can really relate to. It makes me feel understood. Here is one song that has a deep meaning to me.
Biffy Clyro- Opposites

Has anybody else got some good self help resources for depression and anxiety?

Hannah xxx


2 thoughts on “Good days and self help for depression

  1. Exercise, specifically running, usually gives me a few hours or a day of respite from my depression. I suppose it’s the endorphins or the self-respect of doing something for myself (getting fit). I’ve also found that volunteer work can help (again, for me). There are moments when I’ve helping someone that I am completely removed from my self. It’s almost transcendent. It doesn’t last, but for those moments it’s real.

    Meds haven’t worked for me. Therapy only so much. I’m told meditation might work, but I’m such a skeptic that I don’t think I’d give it a fair try. Sometimes, I think I want to be depressed.


    1. Hi Paul,
      thanks for your comment.
      I used to struggle with exercise, as I used to want to hide away and exercise would mean stepping out, but I have recently started to cycle and I agree, it does help!
      Volunteering sounds like a great idea, I think that helping people and looking after the needs of others reinforces that we are not alone and we will also need others to help us sometimes, I think that by helping others we are also helping ourselves.

      I understand how you’re feeling, I was very much like that until recently, I used to feel that I wanted to be depressed and there was no way out but I had a really really bad day and I think it really clicked that I needed to do something to help myself.
      I hope that you do find something that works for you. It’s hard when we are feeling so low to get out of the cycle but there is hope. Reading peoples stories on here has made me realise that!


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