Struggling with concentration today

I thought I would try and be productive today and turn a lazy Sunday into writing an assignment that I have been putting off for about a month now! But since having depression, I have found it so difficult to concentrate for more than 30 minutes! Even on things that I enjoy: movies, television, reading!
They are not too much of an issue of course!

But what is an issue is that it is now affecting my job and training!
I am a trainee veterinary nurse and I work 40 hours a week in a veterinary practice but also have to do exams, assignments and a progress log! I knew it was hard work when I signed up for it but when I have zero concentration, it seems pretty impossible!

Throughout school and college, I have always considered myself very intelligent and have always got good results! But my depression hit me really hard at university back in 2012 and it has been with me ever since.
I just keep comparing myself to how I used to be and wishing I could get back to that!

Does anyone have any tips to help with concentration?

I am of course putting off other things today too, like getting up and showered, doing my food shop and cleaning my flat! But they can wait!!
Also, I apologise now because I think most of my blogs are going to be about struggling with something!


3 thoughts on “Struggling with concentration today

  1. Hi there, I know exactly how you feel. Depression hit me the hardest during my A levels, and I had no motivation at all, leaving everything until the night before it was due and then having a nervous breakdown at 3am. However, I’m sure there is some way that we can overcome this! I’ve always believed in taking small steps. Maybe set yourself the goal of completing one paragraph, and then take a break. Relax a bit, maybe meditate. Just take everything slowly, and trust me it should help. I wish you all the best in recovering, maybe we can somehow defeat that problem together! Stay strong 🙂


    1. It’s so difficult when you need to get motivated and concentrate but just can’t isn’t it?!
      Thank you for the advice, I think that small steps is definitely the way forward for me!
      Yes, I think defeating the problem together would be great! At least I hope that I can help you as much as possible! Always here to listen if you ever need to talk to someone, having someone who is going through what you’re going through and understands will make the world of difference for both of us I think/hope!
      Also I don’t know about you but knowing that you’re helping another person also makes me feel positive, which is what we all need ay?
      Hannah ❤

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